Below you’ll find helpful articles

about numerous diseases & conditions

we encounter on a frequent basis.

This information is provided to help you better understand the disease process and possible outcomes.  We encourage you to speak with your trusted veterinarian for more information.

A definitive diagnosis is essential to optimal care.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have during your consultation and provide specific guidance on the best course of therapy once we meet!

Frequently asked questions

Where do I take my pet to be treated?

We are a concierge service, meaning – we come to the comfort of your trusted veterinary office!

Do I call to schedule you OR does my vet do that?

Contact your trusted veterinary office. They will coordinate their team and ours to bring us in and get answers!

Do I need to be present during the evaluation?

You are welcome to be present for the evaluation, but advanced scheduling is required to make this happen.

This means you will have a known appointment time and Dr. Maran will personally walk you through the exam, findings, and treatment plan

How much does it cost?

Your trusted veterinary office can provide an appropriate estimate based on the necessary diagnostics and appointment type.

Please contact your trusted veterinary office for more details and their expected diagnostic plan.

Additional diagnostics, such as radiographs or laboratory studies, may be recommended prior to or following the cardiac assessment and this can also lead cost to vary.

We provide the love and care to any pet, without exception. Your best friends are in good hands!

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