Olympic Veterinary
Cardiology Clinic

We can't wait to meet you!

Hearing your pet might have a heart condition is stressful. Getting the treatment they need, shouldn’t be.

That is why we built a state-of-the-art clinic designed with you in mind. We often refer to it as our cardio haven- a safe space to focus on you, your pet, and the speciality heart care you deserve.  

We provide comprehensive cardiology care- offering services that you would otherwise have to drive hours to get. We have a growing team so that you can receive the care you deserve in weeks, not months.

What to Expect

The last thing you should experience when wondering what is wrong with your pet is a
noisy, chaotic environment.

That is why we’ve worked hard to create a calm and peaceful clinic environment. We use calming pheromones and eliminate any unnecessary distractions.

Our Focus Is You,
Your Pet, And Their Needs. 

Special Considerations
For Your Pet

Just like a kid going to the dentist, a veterinary appointment should not be a stressful event for you OR your pet! We work to ensure that is your experience.

Specialized Vet Care

Each of our doctors graduated from veterinary school. There they learned all there is to know about treating animals from head to toe. Next, they went on to receive four more years of specialized training in cardiology. This training taught them the ins and outs of animals’ hearts and blood vessels.

Our staff is comprised of three board-certified cardiologists. Together they have over 45 years of experience treating animals with heart conditions.  They’ve treated a large variety of animals including:

Our team works collaboratively to treat your pet, which means even though you just meet with one of our doctors, you receive the expertise of all of them combined.

Services Offered

Outpatient Surgical Center Services

Cutting Edge Technology

We built this facility to provide premier cardiology care to the Seattle area.

Using the latest equipment on the market, we are able to provide the most accurate and reliable testing for your pet. After all, how clear do you want the images for the cardiologist working on your pet’s heart?

digital C-Arm

This ensures precise images, unparalleled anatomic assessment, clear catheter movement, and optimal measurements for the most precise imaging that parallels or even exceeds human-based Cath Labs.


Not only can we see all of the anatomic structures but how they are moving in each direction. We have the ability to analyze these images in real time or any time thereafter, allowing for optimal consultation and follow-up. This may be invaluable for establishing a diagnosis of dynamic diseases, extent of certain defects, or possibly provide critical information to prepare a unique procedure or device, ensuring minimal stress, travel, or risk to the patient.

Transesophageal Echo

With the use of a general anesthesia to keep our patients safe and comfortable, we take detailed pictures of their heart using a special camera that goes down their throat. This gives us clear pictures without interference from the lungs, and lets us create 3D models of the heart and measure its different parts. With this detailed information, we can consult with open-heart surgical teams or precisely plan minimally invasive therapy for patients.