What to Expect

When you visit Olympic Veterinary Cardiology

We Know How Stressful
Learning Your Pet Might Have A Heart disease Can Be

We will do all we can to provide the highest level of care without unnecessary stress to you or your pet.

Utilizing A
Team Approach

You do not have to give up your favorite doctor, technician, or assistant to still have access to the highest level of cardiac care available.

We Function As An Additional Member Of The Team You Have Bonded With, Know, And Trust.

Regardless of how we see your pet – at our clinic or your primary veterinarian’s office – we provide specialty medicine and work with your clinic and team you and your pet already trust

Your family veterinarian will remain your primary point of contact and have support every step of the way from us. If there are questions he or she is not confident answering, we are just a phone call away. 

How Does My Pet
Receive Treatment?

Patients come to us one of two ways:

On our first visit, one of our doctors will perform a complete cardiac examination of your pet. This typically includes an echocardiogram, a systemic blood pressure and diagnostic ECG. Basically, we conduct a detailed evaluation of the anatomy and function of your pet’s heart and arteries. Sometimes we find something that will cause us to need more testing if necessary.

Based on our exam, we will diagnose the condition and create a plan for the specific needs or concerns of your pet.

What to Expect
from Cardiac Care At Our Clinic

The last thing you should experience when wondering what is wrong with your pet is a noisy, chaotic environment. That is why we’ve worked hard to create a calm and peaceful clinic environment. We use calming pheromones and eliminate any unnecessary distractions. Our focus is you, your pet, and their needs.

What To Expect From Cardiac Care At Your Veterinarian's Office

We will evaluate your pet in the familiar environment of your family veterinarian’s office.

You will schedule a drop-off appointment for 8:00 am.  If a drop off is not possible or desired, we will need to schedule you to be seen at our Outpatient Center in Everett, WA to provide an optimal experience for you and your pet.

After we conduct a complete cardiac examination, we will discuss the results with your family veterinarian. We will then go over our recommended treatment and monitoring plan.

At the conclusion of the consultation, your veterinarian will have all the information and tools needed to move forward. If they ever have any questions, we are just a phone call away.